Remember childhood shows like The Muppets and Sesame Street?

Well now there's The Happytime Murders, but while the puppets in Melissa McCarthy's new film look just like your childhood heroes, they are shockingly x-rated and definitely for adults only.

The film is a murder-mystery in which McCarthy plays a cop who, along with her puppet partner, investigates the murders of the stars of a former hit TV show.

However, the newly released trailer has people mourning for their childhoods and wishing they could un-see the carnage as it features the iconic puppet characters snorting drugs, committing murder, working as prostitutes, swearing, gambling and engaging in obscene sex scenes.


You can check out the trailer here, but fair warning: It includes explicit language and offensive material.

The Happytime Murders is directed by Brian Henson, son of the late Jim Henson, who invented The Muppets.

However, unlike Brian Henson's other films such as Muppet Treasure Island and The Muppet Christmas Carol, this R-rated film is not affiliated with the official Muppets brand.

While many seem excited to see the film, some have taken aim at it, saying it's simply "raunchy for the sake of being raunchy".

Others have also compared it to Kiwi director Peter Jackson's Meet the Feebles, saying the new film has big shoes to fill.

Along with McCarthy, the film co-stars Maya Rudolph, Joel McHale, and Elizabeth Banks.