Entitlement in action

In a recent video YouTube's most popular vlogger had a moan about how he's not making enough money on the platform. Swedish YouTube personality Felix Kjellberg, known as PewDiePie, has 62 million subscribers but said he's basically a hat salesman these days because of his decreased earnings, caused by a few racial slurs and antisemitic comments. "Honestly, legit, I am making more on selling these hats this month than I'm making on ad revenue, despite uploading daily content," he said. "Do you understand how bad ad revenue is? I might as well not even call myself a YouTuber, I'm a hat merch, I'm a hat salesman, at this point. That is my profession." Guy still earned $12 million in the year to 2017- and $15 million the year before that, so don't feel too sorry for him.

(via The Daily Dot)

Strange applicants ...


1. "I had a young woman sit across from me, put her elbow on my desk, then she rested her head flat on her hand so that her head was now sideways. She stayed that way through the entire interview. Another time I asked a young guy if he had any special skills, he replied, "Keepin' it real with y'all."

2. We had an applicant for a teaching position who stated on his resume that he held a master of music degree from Yale. When interviewing him, I asked what he thought of Woolsey Hall (Yale's primary concert hall) and its renowned pipe organ. By his answer and facial expression, I could tell he'd never been there.

3. I once interviewed a guy for a work study position at a college radio station. The position was for 10 hours a week as a sports reporter. I told him that he would sometimes have to carry the equipment for the remote broadcast of sports and he immediately took his shoe and sock off and put his foot on the table to show me a scar on his foot. Tells me that he has a plate in his foot and sometimes it hurts and he wouldn't be able to carry heavy things when it was hurting.

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