Something innocuous that has the potential to send you into a rage


"Unexpected item in bagging area."

2. Drivers who refuse to dip their high-beams at night.

3. When a co-worker decides to "correct" me by sending a passive aggressive email and copying the boss and the whole group instead of just saying something to me privately and in person.

4. When someone puts you on speakerphone without telling you.


5. When I finish painting my nails and instantly smudge one.

6. People who can't accept that they're wrong.

7. Unnecessary apostrophe's.

Adapt or die

'Incredibly, these trees opposite Solent St have adapted to the container trucks turning right onto Tamaki Drive', writes Barry.
'Incredibly, these trees opposite Solent St have adapted to the container trucks turning right onto Tamaki Drive', writes Barry.

Worst nightmares

Nightmares, if you can remember them, can be pretty freaky. Here Twitter users share some of their worst dreams gone bad...

1. I had a dream I was being forced to have children. I'd go into labour with a new baby almost seconds after one would come out. I'd look down and my stomach would be big again.

2. I was on a tightrope that stretched all the way across the Grand Canyon. I was halfway across, when suddenly I turned and a horse-sized styrofoam avocado was barrelling towards me. It knocked me off the rope into the canyon, where I fell, screaming all the while until I woke up.

3. I had an episode of sleep paralysis combined with a nightmare. I couldn't move or open my eyes but I always sleep next to my phone and all a sudden I could hear Siri saying "there's someone in your room you do not recognise".

4. I was a reporter interviewing someone dangerous, realised I was trapped in a room about to be killed. I managed to get out of the room and had to escape through a hospital (at times disguised as a surgeon) and then through an airport. My heart rate on waking was highest ever.

Keeping safe on the roads

Quick links

1. Marilyn Monroe recounts her harrowing experience in a psychiatric ward in a 1961 letter. "I indicated if they didn't let me out I would harm myself -- the furthest thing from my mind at that moment since you know Dr. Greenson I'm an actress and would never intentionally mark or mar myself. I'm just that vain."

2. In Vordingborg, Denmark, a silo demolition does not goes as planned. Not only did it fall in the opposite direction, it partly destroyed a public library…

Video pick

This is Waterfall Road in Nepal. It is exactly as you'd expect from the name…

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