Missed that great ad, worry no more

No place is safe from advertisements anymore ... Mr. Friendly, a Dutch toilet company, has created a high-tech urinal with neat features like waterless/flushless function and anti-bacterial surface. But the unique feature here is the built-in display with an automatic sensor that'll play advertisements while you pee.

Talking dog bow-wows them in US

Animal acts were big in American vaudeville — rats in little jockey costumes rode cats around racetracks. Kangaroos boxed, sea lions juggled, monkeys rode bicycles and smoked cigarettes. But Don the Talking Dog from Germany, who showed that he could speak several German words, was the biggest hit. He went to the US in 1912, stayed for two years and made his fortune from performing and an endorsement of dog biscuits. Newspapers followed his every move ... "With a vocabulary that ultimately reached eight words — all in German — Don had garnered attention in the United States as early as 1910, with breathless newspaper reports from Europe. According to some accounts, his first word was haben ('have' in English), followed by 'Don', kuchen (cake), and hunger (same word in English and German). Theoretically, this allowed him to form the useful sentence: Don hunger, have cake — although most accounts say he typically spoke just one word at a time, and only when prompted by questions. He later added ja and nein ('yes' and 'no'), as well as ruhe ('quiet' or 'rest') and 'Haberland' (the name of his owner)." (Source: smithsonianmag.com)

Better than non-portable one

Better than non-portable suitcase I guess. (Via Bad Newspaper)
Better than non-portable suitcase I guess. (Via Bad Newspaper)

Cheesiest jingle of them all

"How could this one not have been mentioned?" writes Paul Utting.

We are the boys from down on the farm


We really know our cheese

There's much better value in Chesdale

It never fails to please

Chesdale slices thinly, never crumbles, there's no waste

And boy is got a mighty taste

Chesdale cheese

Its finest cheddar — made better."