Tributes are pouring in following the death of Hollywood actor Verne Troyer, with many fellow stars leading the charge.

The Austin Powers star died at the age of 49. His cause of death is yet to be confirmed but a statement on his Instagram page made reference to "depression and suicide" and Troyer being overwhelmed by his struggles.

Rappers Vanilla Ice and Ludacris lead the tributes, with Vanilla Ice posting a picture of himself with his "little buddy".

And Ludacris shared a snap of the two of them working together for the video for his 2004 hit Number One Spot.


The song referenced Austin Powers and had a cameo from Verne as Mini-Me in the video.

"R.I.P. Verne Troyer aka Mini Me. You made it to that #1 Spot. Glad we got to make history together. #goontosoon #love," the rapper wrote on Instagram.

Many others paid tribute to the star, including singer Peter Andre, actress Marlee Matlin, pro wrestler Xavier Woods and more.