1. "Thank you very much for doing the dishes, thank you very much, thank you very, very, very much. Thank you very much for just being my mrs ... " (Cadbury Roses)

2. "Aye! It's delicious. But it's still no' how ye make porridge!" (Uncle Toby's ...Watch the Uncle Toby's TV ad here)

3. "Be a good cook mother said, you'll get a man. What did I get? 25 years with my head in a dirty oven, scraping, scrubbing!" (1976 Mr Muscle oven cleaner ad starring the actress who played Mrs Garret on the TV series The Facts Of Life)

4. "Mr Wong Mr Wong, I lost all my travellers cheques! What kind were they? American Express. Ah, no problem they have an office here right in Hong Kong." (Watch the American Express ad here)


5. "It won't happen overnight, but it will happen." (Rachel Hunter's 90s Pantene ad)

6. "When you shake and vac you put the freshness back." (Watch the classic Glade ad here)

7. "That's my mum, the one with the baggy pantyhose." (LEGGS)

8. "Oh, my dandruff's back again ..." "Haven't you been using Free & Lovely?" "Well, I ran out, and since I got rid of my dandruff, I thought ..." "You didn't think, did you?" (Free& Lovely shampoo)

9. "Fish pie for dinner? ... But that was last night, Mum" ... Some smells do linger Jean. (Glade air freshener)

10. "What's yours, Dad?" [reply in a deep voice]: "Beef." (Lotsa Noodles)

11. "Just like a chocolate milkshake, only crunchy!" (Kellogs Coco Pops '91)

12. "It was the same day David!" (That heartfelt LTSA ad and the one line people made fun of)


13. "Dear John, how I hate to write ... I must let you know tonight. That my love for you has gone so I'm sending you this song ..." (basf cassette tapes and their classic ad)

14. "Oh John, red wine!" "My secretary said to use DRIVE. Gets most stains out in the wash". "What a clever little secretary!" (DRIVE Laundry powder)

15. "Smoke in your eyes and your breath is death. It gets into your lungs like a knife through butter. Kick it in the Butt TODAY!" (Smoking PSA)

Passive/aggressive body shaming

A mixed-weight relationship is a term popping up in media to describe a couple with a noticeable difference in body size between the partners. As etymologist John Kelly says for all its [pretend] politeness, pointing out that there is a difference in weight singles out weight as an issue and therefore the euphemism highlights the taboo.

The sign in Adelaide

David noticed this sign in Adelaide.
David noticed this sign in Adelaide.

Video pick

If you watched the Uncle Toby's porridge ad above, you must see this parody from Australian Comedy show Full Frontal

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