In widening the footpaths outside the Mt Albert shops, the town planners obviously forgot rubbish collection day and delivery of supplies which create some impressive obstacles for cyclists.(Photo supplied by Larry Olive)

Advert nostalgia

Some of the most clever jingle writing has to be for the cleaning product Spray 'n' Wipe. If you are old enough to remember this, you'll be singing as you read it:

Got a call from Mr Fryer, who's bringing around a buyer
The kitchen looked a fright, from the little do last night
Although I felt quite sickly, I had to clean it quickly
With Spray 'n' Wipe All Purpose, I cleaned up every surface
Spray 'n' Wipe's a breeze, cause it cuts through toughest grease
The kitchen's sparkling clean and the buyer's very keen, so thank you Spray 'n' Wipe!

Austin Powers' favourite vegetable?

Austin Powers favourite vegetable.
Austin Powers favourite vegetable.

Taking care of business

A reader writes: "The other day while driving through Mission Bay, we spied yet again a dog doing its business on the grass with the owner waiting alongside. We were pleased to see her pull out a plastic bag and pick up up the poo and stash it away. What we did not expect was the next step. She pulled out a box of tissues and carefully wiped the offending orifice before continuing merrily on their way."


Ultimate snail mail

"No wonder NZ Post has to increase their charge to post a letter from $1 to $1.20," writes Kevin Powell. "My accountant in Tauranga sent me an account to my home in Papamoa - approximately 12km away. It took eight days to get to my home and did a 144km round trip via Whakatane!"

Man oh man, there's no escaping 'porn'

"Speaking of fatigue fatigue, I've got man fatigue," writes Bob Pearson. "All sorts of things get prefixed with 'man' these days. Man-bag, man-bun, man flu, mansplaining ... I've also got porn fatigue. No, not what you're thinking. I mean house porn, car porn, food porn, furniture porn, so on and so on."

Quick links

1. An patriotic ad to promote the 1990 Commonwealth Games in Auckland with some very famous New Zealand faces and directed by Lee Tamahori, who would go on to direct Once Were Warriors (1994).

2. Always barricade your concrete patch.

3. Anyone who has seen the movie IT will appreciate this.

Video pick

Brilliant parody of pre-schooler TV from the 70s/80s, by Aussie comedy show Comedy Company...

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