Eight-year-old Barry Heath is a movie fanatic. He checks out the best movies hitting cinemas these school holidays.

1. Peter Rabbit

This is one of the best movies from a book ever. It's like all of the Beatrix Potter books crammed into one. It's really funny and very cute - one of those movies where the animations run around with the real actors. Benjamin Bunny was my favourite character in Peter Rabbit. He's hilarious. The movie is all about how a rabbit would see our human world, which looks pretty weird if you are a bunny, even a smart one who can talk and make himself a jacket.

Barry's verdict: I give it 5 carrots out of 5.

2. Ready Player One

It's about a video game where you can do and look like whatever you want. You can pretty much live in it. Which people want to because it's in the future and the real world is scary and full of rubbish. There's a mystery that needs to be solved and lots of clues for the main guy to follow. But best of all, there are heaps of Easter Eggs. There were also bits from games I know, like the Lancer Assault Rifle from Gears of War and there's stuff from Halo and Minecraft. There's also nearly every movie you can think of in there doing something.


Barry's verdict: I give it 5 PS4 VR headsets out of 5.

3. Black Panther

This is also a really good movie. It's a superhero sci-fi fantasy with magic in it – and so much action. It's a bit funny in parts but lots of it is serious. It's a Marvel movie, so it's great, but there are none of the really big heroes - no Hulk, Ironman, Spiderman, Thor or Captain America, which made it different. It has really big and violent fights which are really cool to watch.

Barry's verdict: I give it 5000 pieces of Vibranium out of 5000.

4. Early Man
I haven't seen this yet but I really want to. I know I will love it because I like all the Aardman animation films, like Chicken Run, Shaun the Sheep Movie, Pirates and Arthur Christmas. They are all cool and this looks just as good. Dug looks so funny in the trailer. A cave man and his pig have to fight advanced guys in armour. They make these movies out of clay, which must take so long!

Barry's verdict: I reckon once I see Early Man I'll give it 5 Wallace and Gromits out of 5.

5. Monster Family

This is the movie I am least looking forward to because I haven't really heard much about it. All I know is that it's animated and it's about a family who get turned into monsters by a curse. Hopefully it's better than Monster Truck, which was so dumb and one of the only films I really don't like. This does look a bit like Hotel Transylvania, which was good. It seems unfair not to like it without seeing it but the trailer didn't look very good.

Barry's verdict: Based purely on the trailer (which didn't look very good) I'll give it 3 baby werewolves out of 5.