My first job was …

as a waiter at The Copthorne Hokianga in the far north (paradise). As a clueless 15-year-old, I was known for eating customers' leftovers and being totally oblivious to girls flirting with me.

It taught me … how to work for a tip and make a terrible coffee.

My big break came … I went to my first audition, which was for a Speights beer advert. To my surprise, I ended up getting the part and was flown to New York for 10 days for the shoot. It blew my mind ... quite the introduction to TV.


The last job I quit was … my job as a dog trainer I had for two years. Training the dogs was easy, but training a few of the owners was a challenge. Being a maitre d'/fireman/actor I'm certainly a people person, but this job got the better of me.

The most famous person I've ever met is … my flatmate, Matiu Walters from Six60 ... apparently he's quite famous these days. He'd tell you he took me under his wing at primary school after I moved to Auckland from the Hokianga (insert pic of me as a fresh, long-haired, Northland boy).

He was ... annoyingly good at everything. But don't tell him I said that.

The best time I've had on set was … hatching out of a prosthetic, slime-filled embryo as a demon, wearing nothing but a g-string, in front of Lucy Lawless - my childhood crush. Let's be honest, I still have a massive crush on her.

But the worst was … my first on-screen sex scene. I sustained an injury early in the shoot and unfortunately, it was quite an ''active'' scene. I battled through it, with my pride intact. And no, it wasn't an adult film!

My dream project would be ... well, if we are talking about dreams ... I want to be the next Batman. I think it's time for Ben Affleck to move over. But I'd settle for Robin. Or even Batman's butler, Alfred. But seriously, my dream would be to work with more of New Zealand's top actors and directors. We have so much talent here and what better way to learn than by working with the best?

• Louis Maxwell is the maitre d' of the First Dates New Zealand restaurant. First Dates returns to TVNZ 2 from next Thursday at 8.30pm.