Footage of suspected Mongrel Mob members threatening Kiwi film star James Rolleston has surfaced online.

The video, which the Herald was made aware of overnight, shows apparently patched gang members spotted Rolleston walking around Tauranga's waterfront.

As Mob members beckon the Boy star to their car, Rolleston can be seen smiling, then backing away.

"What's your name, brother?" asks someone from the car.


"James Rolleston? You wanna fight? You wanna fight then?"

The footage shows someone getting out of the car and approaching the actor.

Rolleston, 20, says, "Nah," and steps away from the vehicle while pulling his phone out of his pocket.

As the car drives off, video keeps rolling as the gang member says: "James Rolleston. P****."

He also yells out the car window: "And your movie was shit."

As fellow passengers laugh, he declares: "We just stepped out 'Boy'."

A spokesman for Rolleston confirmed to the Herald that the incident occurred in Tauranga last year.

"Though unpleasant, this was an isolated event and did not escalate any further than shown," said the spokesperson.


Rolleston had only just entered his teens when he starred in Taika Waititi's Boy, which became the biggest New Zealand film ever made upon its release in 2010.

He went on to star in acclaimed films The Dark Horse and The Dead Lands in 2014, before a serious car accident in Opotiki in 2016 derailed his career.

James Rolleston a young New Zealand actor is still recovering from his traumatic accident which happened July of 2016.

Rolleston sustained serious leg and brain injuries in the July 20 crash on the outskirts of Opotiki. His passenger, one of his best friends, required spinal surgery after sustaining four fractured vertebrae.

Rolleston, who was driving at the time of the accident, was sentenced to 200 hours community work, 12 months supervision and disqualified for driving for a year for his role in the crash.

He has returned to the big screen since the accident, appearing in last year's road trip film Pork Pie. He has a starring role in upcoming Kiwi comedy The Breaker Upperers, due for release on May 3.

The Breaker Upperers - Trailer. / Piki Films