Sam Wallace is well-known as a car fanatic. "I've always loved cars," he says.

So it makes sense that the radio host, who DJs alongside Toni Street and Sarah Gandy on The Hits every morning, has joined forces with car sales website

Wallace is the website's new ambassador for Driven, a website that supplies automotive news and reviews, and car buying tips and tricks, all in one spot.

"It's awesome to be on board," says Wallace. "This is a fantastic site that makes buying and selling your vehicle so much easier, whether you're an old hand at trading in or it's your first time listing a car."


Laura Maxwell, NZME's chief digital officer for NZME, called Wallace's knowledge and energy "infectious".

"He can't wait to share the tools and tips on Driven to help car buyers secure the right car for them."

But Wallace admits he may have an alterior motive for getting behind the wheel of his new role.

"I'm hoping now I'm part of the crew the team can help me find the best deal on the BMW M2 I've got my eye on," he jokes.