Married At First Sight Australia bride Tracey Jewel has been issued with a "please explain" on live radio, after appearing to take part in just the latest partner swap of the series.

We've seen plenty of contestants go rogue this season. Troy Delmege and Carly Bowyer were snapped making out in a Melbourne park, Ryan Gallagher and Ashley Irvin on a cosy shopping date, and most recently, Tracey was seen trying to keep a low-profile at a hotel in Bali with Sean Thomsen — while her "husband" Dean Wells was nowhere in sight.

They were also seen out together in Sydney in late January.

During an interview on FoxFM with Fifi, Fev and Byron today, Tracey and Dean were left squirming in their seats when the topic was raised.


"I saw that there were photos of you in Bali with Sean and I immediately went, 'Well, that's that.' You're with Sean, clearly you're no longer with Dean. Can you please explain those photos?" co-host Fifi Box asked Tracey.

"Sean was already there [in Bali] with a contestant from MAFS last year, Jesse [Konstantinoff]. So, he was already there ... and yeah, you do bond on the show, and we all catch up and we're all friends," she replied, while Dean issued a barely veiled "bulls**t" cough in the background.

"Dean, would you like to say anything?" Fifi asked him.

"Nah, nah, that's what happened," he told her.

The couple was then grilled on their definition of "bond", which led to them joking they may be operating under an "open relationship" policy.

"I know it's a really loose term, isn't it ... It's a grey area. Nothing's black and white when it comes to me and Dean," Tracey laughed.

"Yeah, we've very open-minded ... I'm not a jealous person," Dean told the hosts.

But over at rival station Nova FM, the pair hinted that their relationship may have hit a snag after the show began airing, and Tracey was able to see Dean's behaviour — including his affair with Davina Rankin — first-hand.


"I had to go on what Dean was telling me [at the time]," she told Chrissie, Sam and Browny.

"Now that I've seen it ... interesting, isn't it?"

Tracey and Dean are still together on the show, which was filmed months ago. Photo / Channel 9
Tracey and Dean are still together on the show, which was filmed months ago. Photo / Channel 9

Dean was also grilled on whether he's really the villain he's made out to be on the show.

"There have definitely been times when [producers] have really spiced it up a bit and left out all the positive things I'd said and put in one little snippet of something negative," he revealed.

"But in general what you see is real — it's kind of what happened."

Last month, Facebook user Adam Zerafa captured a video of Ryan (who was married to Davina) and Ashley (matched with Troy) together in the carpark at Marsden Shopping Centre in Queensland. In the covert footage, the pair can be seen carrying grocery bags to a BMW.

Speaking to the Canberra Times afterwards, Ryan said he and Ashley had made plans to catch up while he was working near her home in Queensland.

"I rang her and said, 'What are you doing?' And she said, 'Just playing tennis all day, I'm not working.' And I said, 'I'll play tennis, I'm coming,'" he explained.

The tradie also insisted there was nothing romantic going on.

"On the way back, her parents wanted something from Woolies so we stopped in the shops and the video was taken. It looks like we're bloody going back to our own apartment. But we're definitely not together. Just friends."

Weeks earlier, Ashley's husband Troy also raised eyebrows when he was photographed getting very intimate with Carly — who was at that time married to Justin on the show.

(It's been a very confusing season.)