"Women are useless at this!" said the book for preschool girls ... At first I thought the line reflected more negatively on Mr Labrador, as Mummy Pig's shot on the next page hits the target. "But that only makes her the exception to Mr Labrador's experience which implies a rule," explains my wise friend Ruth. Further tasks in the book are described as impossible, with no reference to gender. "And let's get real, it's archery ... Mr Labrador need a copy of Hunger Games," she adds.

Dumb Woman's Lane in Rye, East Sussex has had plenty of attention, but the reason behind the name isn't as simple as misogyny or a personal attack. According to the Mirror the road was once a main route for smugglers bringing lace, brandy and tobacco into England and a poor, hapless woman witnessed the illegal activity ... so her tongue was cut out, so she couldn't report the crimes she was seeing.

Ladies who smile get ahead

"I once has an annual performance review where I was told I was good at my job ... BUT ... (My boss told me this shamefacedly) the important dude from upstairs, who often gave speeches about empowering women, thought it was rude that I never stopped working to smile at him when he walked by my desk. This was a well-known, progressive company and yet "hey girl, give me a smile" was an unspoken part of my job requirement, and my non-compliance warranted bringing up at my annual review."
(Source: Emotional Labour: The MetaFilter Thread)

Librarian humour

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