Have you already been scared silly by The Inpatient? Taken out Farpoint's monstrous spiders? Completed Resident Evil: Biohazard's spooky story?

Then here are three other Playstation VR games you may want to try. They're gimmicky, but in a good way. Mostly.

Sparc is essentially Tron meets dodgeball. There's not much to it, but that simplicity is somewhat refreshing.

The full-body activity of throwing and dodging a virtual ball helps you work up a sweat, but you'll need a decent amount of clear space in your lounge to avoid knocking your shin on a coffee table.


This bare-bones online-only game pits you against other real-life players, although this is greatly undermined by the fact that - when I tried it out at least - no one else seemed to be playing.

It's disappointing that the single-player modes are lacking, however there is the option to invite a friend to play against you in a private game.

Meanwhile, Megaton Rainfall is all about the singular experience, putting you in the shoes of a superhero. The game sees you become a flying Superman-type being, destined to fight off evil space invaders set on destroying the world.

Getting to fly around the globe, both up in space and down around the mountains, oceans and cities of Earth is thrilling, even though details are sparse in some areas.

The task of blasting alien spaceships is just challenging enough to make this game fun, albeit repetitive. The nod to how much destruction movie superheroes leave in their wake is also quite clever, as the game balances your success against the collateral damage you leave in the cities you're trying to protect.

Finally, Monsters of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV shows you what heroes get up to on their day off. Unlike real life fishing, it doesn't take hours to get a bite in Monster.

In fact, this Final Fantasy spin-off makes the placid activity feel weirdly extreme.

With numerous cut scenes and character cameos, the game unexpectedly layers in a fair amount of story when you're not out on the water reeling in gigantic demon-fish to an intense guitar-heavy soundtrack.

The physical act of casting out a line and reeling in fish with the Playstation Move wands sets the game apart from a basic shooter. That point of difference - though slightly ridiculous – makes Monsters thoroughly enjoyable.


Platform: Playstion VR, Oculus Rift, SteamVR
Rating: PG
Release date: Out Now

Megaton Rainfall

Platform: Playstation VR, Playstation 4, Microsoft Windows
Rating: PG
Release date: Out Now

Monsters of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV

Platform: Playstation VR
Rating: PG
Release date: Out Now