Will Smith came off second best when he tried his first ever meat pie during a recent trip to Australia.

The Fresh Prince posted a YouTube video about his time in Melbourne during this year's Australian Open and the standout scene is when he sinks his teeth into a Four 'N Twenty.

Before sampling the local delicacy, an Aussie in the background warns Smith: "It's gonna get hot, it's gonna get nasty, it's gonna go all over the place."

But the movie star didn't pay enough attention to the warning and bit into the pie with gay abandon.


"Ouch, that's hot as s**t in there!" a shocked Smith said as he recoiled from the pie.

"That was hot. That just burnt my face!"

Smith battled through the pain and continued eating as the Aussie in the background suggested he keep his mouth open while chewing to help cool it down.

"But why don't you just wait until it gets cool?" a confused Smith asked.

Injuries aside, Smith said the pie was "really, really good" and added: "When the skin grows back in my mouth I think I'll be able to enjoy other Australia delicacies."