Brodie Kane may have one of the most recognisable voices on the airwaves but as this hilarious video proves, as a pilot, she would never get off the ground.

Kane and her co-host Dave 'Fitzy' Fitzgerald had a crack at impersonating the cool and assured tones of aeroplane captains everywhere as part of their breakfast show on The Hits in Christchurch. It's fair to say neither wannabe pilot would comfort anxious passengers.

Sporting Top Gun aviators and a captain's hat, Kane made an airline meal out of her attempt with elongated drawls as she fudged her way through the technical details of an Air New Zealand flight path.

After being demoted to first officer, Fitzy took over the flight deck and had an equally bumpy ride as he proceeded to mumble his way through many of New Zealand's popular landmarks.


The pair's bants may fly in the studio but when it comes to piloting an aircraft we think they'd be the first to admit they should never be cleared for take-off.