With Bayonetta, the action series favourite, Nintendo continues porting its under appreciated Wii U games library to the acclaimed Switch console.

If you haven't played them - and a lot haven't due to the U being largely ignored - the games are fast, furious and finger-arthritis-causing. As the gun-toting, shapeshifting witch Bayonetta you're always outnumbered but never outgunned. Even your stiletto heels double as fully loaded pistols.

This Switch port compiles both Bayonetta games and you can't argue with it if frantic 3rd-person action games are your bullet-ridden bag. The first was praised, the sequel collected 10/10 reviews and is regularly hailed as a masterpiece.

Which is why it's annoying that I don't like them. Even though I didn't gel with Bayonetta 2 back in the Wii U days this time around I was hopeful I would. I kept waiting for things to click, for the combos and systems to drop into place. To find myself playing the same game the rest of the world was. But nope.


It's all a bit much. Just like the Transformers movies I found Bayonetta's big set pieces blurring into a colourfully, confusing mess. Despite its singular sense of style I found it hard to see what going on, harder to keep track of where I was and even harder to line up my combos. It didn't help that I found it almost unplayable in portable mode as my fingers would quickly cramp up due to the brutal pace.

So, my second failed attempt at getting into the game has proved that this particular franchise just isn't my thing. Don't shoot me.




Nintendo Switch


R16 (Violence & Offensive language)



An action classic that, for me, didn't hit the bullseye.