Kirk Torrance, star of Outrageous Fortune, Sione's 2, The Dark Horse and Wilde Ride, talks about what he loves about his profession, and the people in it.

The thing I love about acting is the bit that goes from action to cut. Everything about acting is about that.

It's about the hard work - getting the job - it can be heartbreaking if you don't. When the curtain goes up, or they say, "Action", it's the opportunity to express parts of yourself emotionally and put it into this character in storytelling that you don't get to do in other aspects in your life.

It allows you to explore all sorts of shitty things you've got locked away - or not - and get it out.


It's quite addictive that feeling you get when you hear the word "action". Actors together feed on that. At the end you're a bit drained and exhilarated and scared - and then you wait for the next "action".


Three Billboards I, Tonya

Television is a great medium - THE medium. But on the big screen right now, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is a wacky family story with Frances McDormand. But Allison Janney and Margot Robbie in I, Tonya are incredible.

Margot Robbie doesn't mind getting ugly and it's rare that you see someone like that - she reminds me of Charlize Theron when she did Monster. She has a hard edge.

Robbie gives that sense that she says to the producers "I'm not just f***en eye candy. Go get someone else. I'm bringing heart and soul to this." She seems to fight against the pressure that she must get.

Janney plays Tonya's mother. She's been in a lot of stuff. Part of her skill is that she plays so many roles and you might not even know her name but she is in so much and she is an astonishing actress.


I must be one of the only humans who doesn't have playlists. I'm such a 70s, 80s guy. I like Troy Kingi - and his story - he's got five kids. I've got five kids. I've also got two grandkids.

I always like Led Zepp - they always prick my ears. And every Maori says Bob Marley. You can't have grown up in the 70s and be Maori and not say Bob Marley. Dallas from Fats (Fat Freddy's Drop) - he has God's nectar in his voice.


Jemaine Clement is huge but he doesn't come across as "huge". He and Bret McKenzie (co-creator of Flight of the Conchords) just do their thing and chuck their ideas out there. Those two are really decent, creative people and sometimes creative people turn into arseholes and they've managed to avoid that. Robyn Malcolm's ability to stay employed and just the social conscience of the woman - she's incredible. She's in her 50s and is in a culture and environment that praises 18-year-olds. And she's unstoppable.

Luanne and Aidee - in Wilde Ride - those female characters have got backbones on them like you wouldn't believe.


Trevor Noah -Born a Crime

From Soweto to the Daily Show. What a freaking leap. His story - I had no idea about his story. I know he's a clever cookie but his journey from apartheid South Africa is astonishing.

I read swathes then I read nothing at all - it depends what's going on for me. But I have loved reading this lately.


Wilde Ride, starring Kirk Torrance, Aidee Walker and Luanne Gordon, is about a young girl whose dream of becoming a showjumping champion is shattered when her parents are killed in acar accident. Wilde Ride, TVNZ 2 February 17