It's Friday tomorrow. What are your plans? Whatever. I don't care. Cancel them. There's only one thing you should have planned for tomorrow, and that's watching the finale of

The Good Place

. Just like season one, the brilliantly clever Netflix comedy has been building up to something big all season - and tomorrow we get to find out where we're going. Is this the end of Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani and Jason Mendoza? Actually, scrap that, I just want to know that Bad Janet survives all of this. In the words of Jason, she's "amaaaazing".


GOING TO: Holy smokes, this is a big weekend for live music. First, there's scuzzy New York rapper Wiki at the Kings Arms on Friday night, which might be the last show I ever see at the soon-to-be-demolished Auckland venue (sniff). Then on Saturday, there's the big one: Foos and Weez. Yes, I've probably seen the Foo Fighters way too many times (anyone remember that time they opened for Sonic Youth?) but the addition of Weezer (read our interview on page eight) makes the trek out to Mt Smart a must. Their show here a few years back was unexpectedly awesome. As long as they play some Blue Album hits, I'll be happy.

BINGEING: I'm really into drugs right now. Like, the hard stuff. Heroin. Cocaine. Give it to me. I want it all. Clearly, I'm joking, which I shouldn't be: the international drug trade is actually terrifying. I should know - I've been reading Roberto Saviano's cocaine tell-all Zero Zero Zero by day, and by night I've been watching season three of Narcos. Both cover the same turf, the horrifyingly murderous antics of the drug-lord bosses in the Cali Cartel in Colombia. But once you do a deep dive into it, it's a little like the drugs they're based on - it's hard to stop.

WORRIED: Justin Timberlake will be literally everywhere this weekend. And I'm not sure that's a good thing. He's performing at the Super Bowl for the first time since Nipplegate, where he's bound to unveil songs from his new album, Man of the Woods. Out tomorrow, reaction to Timberlake's beardy return has been a little mixed. First single Filthy felt like a throwback to SexyBack, which I wasn't mad over. But then Supplies showed up, a seriously screwball song and super dodgy video that was every kind of wrong. And now we have Say Something, which goes full Bon Iver. I'm about ready to burn every flannel shirt I own.