Foos and Weez (February 2, Mt Smart Stadium)

Chris Schulz:

There was that time they opened for Sonic Youth in Wellington. The one where I snuck into the Town Hall thanks to fake tickets and slack security. The time they rocked the Big Day Out. Vector Arena. The Town Hall again when Dave Grohl ran around the top deck during Stacked Actors. Western Springs. Western Springs. Western Springs again. There are probably more. God only knows how many times I've seen the Foo Fighters live. There's no question I'll be there on February 2. Why? That question is best answered by the riff for Say It Ain't So. Yep, I'm going for Weez, staying for Foos.

Wiki (February 2, Kings Arms)

Chris Schulz:

There are many, many clashes in this year's packed summer music calendar. Unfortunately, this is the worst. On the same night as Foos and Weez, the man behind my favourite album of 2017 is performing at the Kings Arms. I can't make it, but if you're a rap fan, you definitely, definitely should. For one, it's the last month you can even see gigs at the Kings Arms - the iconic venue is about to shut down. Also, No Mountains in Manhattan is just a stunningly great album from scuzzy Ratking rapper Wiki. And, if you need another reason, tickets are only $5.


That's ridiculous.

Bruno Mars ( Feb 27&28, March 2&3, Spark Arena)

Rachel Bache:

Bruno Mars is a powerhouse performer and seeing him live would be something to remember. Not only does he have a music catalogue loaded with party bangers, but he has the dance moves to match. It's safe to expect that his concert would be a feast for all the senses and anyone would be wowed by his musical talent.

Lionel Ritchie (Spark Arena, April 12)

Karl Puschmann:

Hello? Is it Lionel Richie I'm looking for? Nope. There's no doubt that he'll get the crowd dancing on the ceiling but I'll be there for the support act: Chic feat. Nile Rodgers.

Rodgers is the funkiest cat alive and his disco funk band Chic are the original party starters. The guy's a living legend having written and played on countless hit songs and helped to define the sound of the 80s by producing records for David Bowie (Let's Dance) and Duran Duran (Notorious). Recently he lent his signature funky gat-playing to Daft Punk, turning their comeback single Get Lucky into the best Chic song Chic never wrote. Pleasingly, Chic cover it. It'll be hard to not Freak Out but you bet it'll be Good Times.

Halsey (Spark Arena, April 19)

Siena Yates:

A huge part of why I'm so excited about Halsey is actually to do with her support act. She's coming with R&B star Kehlani whose song

has just been stuck in my mind on a loop ever since it came out. The super cool thing about this is that we'll have two openly bisexual women of colour on one bill, which is incredible. They're also both badass, talented as hell and have their own unique styles and sounds so a show where I get both for the price of one is bound to be amazing.

Sepultura (The Studio, May 11 )

Karl Puschmann:

Hell's yeah! I only just found out an hour ago that Sepultura are playing here so you bet I am feeling super-amped right now. Happy Friday indeed. Possessing ferocious riffs, brutal grooves, head splitting solos and that famed Brazilian flair the thrash-metal legends will no doubt get the Studio's foundations shaking. Okay, it's not the classic line-up but a quick gander at recent set lists and live reviews affirms that the band's sonic onslaught has not been diminished and that they tear through all the big hits like Refuse / Resist, Arise and – YUSS – Roots Bloody Roots. It will be loud. It will be heavy. It will be awesome. Bring it.

Pink (Spark Arena, September 4, 5, 7, 8)

Siena Yates:

I've heard nothing but ridiculously positive things about Pink's live show and I can't wait to see it for myself. The pop star is known for her acrobatics, aerial performances and stunning sets and if you caught her

you'll know she can do just about anything and still sound amazing. Sure, I'm more of a fan of Pink circa 2000's Can't Take Me Home but the new stuff is catchy enough and I still maintain she has one of the most underrated voices in the industry. Add that to a killer performance and a tonne of star power and you can't go wrong.

Sam Smith (November 2&3, Spark Arena)

Rachel Bache:

Sam Smith blew the crowds away the last time he performed here and is sure to do it again later this year. The British singer is known for making melancholy music, and when he's joined by a full backing band on stage, he is nothing but fun - and his voice is stunning.

that goal is to make everyone leave the concert feeling emotionally full and recommends pouring a white wine before you go. Cheers!