Opening with an explosive action set-piece aboard a luxury yacht off the coast of France before flashing back three weeks to see how we got there, Pitch Perfect 3's aim to separate itself from its predecessors is made abundantly clear from the get-go.

It's also clear that this is going to be the most ridiculous entry in the never-all-that-serious franchise, but that still leaves room for plenty of pop music a capella awesomeness.

Picking up a few years after the events of PP2, the members of world champion a capella group the Bellas have all gone their separate ways and are struggling to find fulfillment in their respective professions.

They reunite to perform on an international USO tour alongside three (actual) bands, who are all competing to win a slot to perform on a live television special opening for noted music producer/viral sensation DJ Khaled, who plays himself and reveals a distinct lack of acting talent in the process.


Then the great John Lithgow (The Crown) shows up sporting a shocking Australian accent as the long-lost father of Amy (Rebel Wilson), and his presence causes complications that lead to the aforementioned yacht scenario.

Despite the abundance of contrivance undermining the suspension of disbelief at every turn, the film knows what its audience wants, musically speaking, and it very much delivers the goods in this regard. Resistance is futile in the face of the Bellas' multiple performances, which are as polished and joyful as ever. Toes are guaranteed to tap.


Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson


Trish Sie

Running time:

93 minutes


M (Sexual references)


A short, sweet and silly farewell tour.


Pixar's latest Coco was retitled Viva in Brazil so as to avoid connotations with "coco", a swear word for poop.