The poster for Steven Spielberg's upcoming sci-fi thriller, Ready Player One, has been revealed — and there's one very lengthy problem with it.

The poster shows the film's star, Tye Sheridan, holding on to a ladder as he looks out across a futuristic cityscape at a luminescent sky. It's certainly eye-catching:

Spot the feature that's making people lose their minds? It's Tye's right leg, fully extended on the ladder — and seemingly of freakishly long proportions.

Many have pointed out that the apparently dodgy Photoshop job is reminiscent of the recent poster for the latest Tomb Raider remake, which shows star Alicia Vikander with an unnaturally long, bendy neck.


Others are giving Spielberg and co the benefit of the doubt — hey, maybe in the big-screen adaptation of the 2011 sci-fi novel, the protagonist has been given one really long leg as a quirky new character trait.

Keep going, guys. This joke's got legs.