Corey Feldman believes a Hollywood pedophile ring preyed on him and other young actors, including his late friend Corey Haim.

Feldman names an alleged abuser during an explosive new interview with Dr Oz, which is set to air in America today, The Daily Mail reports.

The New York Post has reported that Feldman names his alleged accuser in the interview as bit actor and former assistant John Grissom.

"This guy on his My Space page and his Facebook page has got pictures of me and Corey Haim," Feldman says during the interview. "He still taunts it and flaunts it."


Grissom reportedly denied his claim in a YouTube comment: "I said it's not me I'm sick and tired of saying that when no one listens. So goddamnit I'm not repeating it anymore."

But the New York Post says Dr Oz' legal team had uncovered that Grissom went to jail for child molestation. He's reportedly now living in Mexico.

The new interview comes after Feldman told multiple media outlets that he named members of the ring back in 1993 during an interview with members of the Santa Barbara Police Department.

The Lost Boys star claiming that officials did nothing with the information.

That claim is now being disputed however by police, and Dr Oz has confronted Feldman with this information.

"I called the Santa Barbara Police, just got off the phone with them. As you were speaking I was speaking. You claim that you spoke to them about your abuse in 1993 just to be clear," says Dr Oz in an exclusive clip obtained by

Feldman then interrupts him to state: "It's on the record."

Dr Oz continued: "And you named names. I listened to the recording and I did not hear you name names."


Feldman responded by claiming that police turned off the recording device when he shared the identity of his molesters, which Dr Oz accepted as true.

He then pleaded with Feldman to reach out to authorities again, at which point the actor made the decision to call the Los Angeles Police Department and name the two men who allegedly assaulted him and other minors.

It is during this call that Feldman revealed one of the men still posts photos of him and Haim on his social media accounts.

Dr Oz also read a statement from police disputing Feldman's claim during the interview.

"We are aware of the statements that Mr Feldman is making regarding an investigation in 1993. Our records do not indicate that he named any suspects,' states Dr Oz, reading from the official statement he was given by a spokesperson from the Santa Barbara Police Department.

He then told Feldman: "They want you to reach out to them. Would you call them after the show?"

Feldman responded by saying "absolutely".

Dr Oz then pressed him on the question many have wondered, asking: "Why haven't you already called them and said, 'Guys, I said this to you, how can you not at least acknowledge?!'"

Feldman replied by explaining: "Because we haven't acknowledged it until today and they are acknowledging it by saying they don't have any recollection."

Feldman went on to say: "Well, I think it's the first day that I think anybody has gone to them for a comment ... but it's the first time I've heard any recount from them at all." went to the Santa Barbara Police Department for a comment, and received the same statement as Dr Oz.

The two men head backstage to make the call, which is set to screen in the full episode of Dr Oz.

Feldman stopped by Megyn Kelly Today on Monday, where he spoke about telling police the names of the predators over two decades ago while being questioned about his friend Michael Jackson.

"In 1993, I told the Santa Barbara Police Department, when they came to interrogate me about Michael Jackson, when they came to convince me that he was a pedophile. And I said he's not," said Feldman.

"And I said, 'I've been molested'. They said, 'By who?' I said, 'I can give you the names, here they are'. And they said, 'That's not our area. That's outside of our community'."

Feldman also spoke about his fears for his safety in the wake of his announcement that he hopes to raise US$10 million to produce a feature film that will reveal a number of powerful Hollywood pedophiles.

A good deal of that money wouldgo towards security said Feldman, a cost he justified by claiming he had almost been killed just the other day.

Kelly also asked Feldman if he went to police in Los Angeles back in 1993, after the Santa Barbara officers allegedly dismissed his allegations.

"I didn't. When you're a kid, 18, 19, 20-year-old kid, you try telling the police, which is a very big thing to do. And especially, it wasn't my situation. I was just answering for a friend," said Feldman, who has long claimed the sexual abuse and assaults endured by his best friend Haim were far worse than his own.

"The fact I had the courage to throw it in there and hopefully get some support, and then they were like, sorry. They just shut it down like it didn't matter. And this is when it was within the statute of limitation. It was within my 10 years."

He had previously told Matt Lauer in an interview earlier that in the day: 'If I were to go to the police, I would be the one who's getting sued. Henceforth, I need a team of lawyers, I need a team of security to be around me at all times to keep me safe so I can get this message done. I vow I will release every single name that I have any knowledge of, period.'

Feldman did provide some clues as to the identity of one of his alleged molesters on Monday, saying he used to run a club for children and now works for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

'You want to tell us who it is, since you're going to have 1,000 stories trying to run down the person with that history,' asked Megyn.

The actor said he could not name the person until her had 'legal protection.'

Feldman also blamed the media and the police for the lack of movement on outing these pedophiles, who he holds responsible for Haim's battles with drugs and alcohol, which led to his death.

Haim was one of the biggest stars of the 1980s, with leading roles in films including 'Lucas,' 'Watchers' and the Oscar-nominated 'Murphy's Romance,' which he starred in alongside Sally Field and James Garner.

Feldman also found early success in Hollywood thanks to his roles in two of the decade's most memorable films, 'Goonies' and 'Stand By Me.'

The boys first worked together on the 1987 vampire flick The Lost Boys, and paired up again in the films License to Drive and 'Dream a Little Dream.

Haim was quite the ladies man too over the years, dating Alyssa Milano, Nicole Eggert, Holly Fields and even Victoria Beckham at one point.

Feldman and Haim had a chance to share the screen once more in 2007 with their reality show The Two Coreys, which was cancelled after two seasons.

It was a little over a year after that last season aired that Haim died as a result of drug induced pneumonia.