Kiwifruit flying in One Direction

Asda is banning sales of kiwifruit to under-25s after former One Direction star Harry Styles was pelted with them as he performed the song Kiwi at the Hammersmith Apollo, London.

After the pelting he slipped and had to steady himself by grabbing his microphone stand.

The supermarket chain will be demanding proof of ID at its nearby store ahead of another appearance in Manchester.

Taking the ... pregnancy test

Ancient Egyptians were able to see if a woman was pregnant by having her urinate on barley and wheat seeds. If seeds sprouted then she was pregnant. This test was conducted in labs and was proven to be 70 per cent accurate.


In the Middle Ages, Europe had "piss prophets" who claimed to be able to diagnose many conditions by the colour of urine. Pregnant woman had urine that was clear pale lemon to off-white, having a cloud on its surface.

In the 1920s, the urine of a potentially pregnant woman was injected into baby rabbits. After five days the animals were killed and autopsies performed. Bulging masses were found on the ovaries if the woman was pregnant.

In the following decade frogs were injected with the urine and they produced eggs within 24 hours if the woman was pregnant.


Extinct stock

Moa flavoured stock?
Moa flavoured stock? "I've just returned from a brief visit to Papua New Guinea," writes Bill Wheeler of Gisborne. "I saw this supermarket display in the town of Alotau and could not help wondering if Maggi may be responsible for the demise of our now extinct native bird?" Photo / Supplied

Call of wild a birthday treat

"I texted a friend last night sending her belated birthday wishes," writes Morna Neumman. "She and her husband retired to Waiheke Island and probably had a leisurely celebration with a glass or two of wine that day, I thought. At 4am the next morning I got this reply ...

"'Thanks Morna. I spent the day on a plane to Dubai and then on to Nairobi - here on an Intrepid camping trip through Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda, including visit to the mountain GORILLAS! Rugged but exciting.' Some people have such mundane lives."

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Ultimate attention seeking

I'm no sea dog, but Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiava's tale of survival on the high seas didn't ring true to me...I'm no sea dog, but this writer guy is and he reckons the two women who claimed to have been drifting at sea for five months, who claimed to have had no way of communicating with the outside world, were lashed by violent storms and encountered thrashing sharks, yet managed to come out of it looking pretty peachy, are fully of it... A Colorado-based blogger/sailor picks some gaping holes in their story, offering nineteen reasons, in great detail, explaining why this survival story sounds fishy.

Video pick

Famous lines from 22 movies have been given an animated cartoon, but the drawn context is completely different to the original intention of the line...

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