With the seemingly endless tales of sexual assault and misconduct to emerge from Hollywood in the past fortnight, it might seem like there are no nice guys left in the entertainment industry.

But one journalist has shared a story about a male Hollywood star in stark contrast to the numerous allegations that have surfaced about Harvey Weinstein's unsavoury hotel room behaviour.

Film reviewer Nell Minow was interviewing former Friends star David Schwimmer at a Washington DC hotel in 2011, discussing a movie he'd directed called Trust, the story of a young girl preyed upon by a sexual predator online.

As reported by Poynter.org, Schwimmer and the journalist met in a restaurant within the hotel - but soon found it too crowded and noisy to properly conduct an interview.


It was then that Schwimmer suggested Minow accompany him back to his hotel room, where they could finish the interview in peace.

But this wasn't some sleazy ploy to get a woman alone. Anxious not to make Minow uncomfortable, Schwimmer immediately followed up with another offer: he would ensure a third person was present in the room, acting as a "chaperone" of sorts as the pair did a professional dealing in what is usually a private space.

"I haven't thought of that since it happened, but the Weinstein stories made me not just remember it but remember it in an entirely different context as an indicator of the prevalence of predatory behaviour and as an indicator of Schwimmer's integrity and sensitivity," Minow told Poynter.org.

"This wasn't just about his being a good guy who would not have tried anything. He understood what it is like to have to be constantly on the alert and he wanted to make sure I understood I was safe."

And that she was - the pair completed the interview in his hotel room. Six years later, and with Harvey Weinstein's plethora of alleged hotel room come-on's to unsuspecting women dominating the news cycle, Minow has a message for Schwimmer:

"I just want to say thank you. And, also, your movie was very good."