The Modern Maori Quartet have just released the video for their new single Shine, and it's got us wondering if they're about to be New Zealand's next big thing.

The single, which released in May, is a heartfelt, uplifting track about celebrating children and encouraging them on their paths - whatever they may be.

But the video really makes Shine, well...shine.

It features the four group members, Maaka Pohatu, Francis Kora, Matariki Whatarau auditioning for a panel of kids, which features Kora's own daughter, as well as young Kiwi Youtube stars Jess & Ayva.


The kids make them jump through hoops to impress them, and with all the politics, feuds and sex, drugs and rock and roll taking over other music videos, it's just about the purest clip you'll see all year.

And that's what makes these guys stand out. They're singing about home, family, Maori values, love and Kiwi life and they're doing it in a way that's reminiscent of a "Maori garage party".

It's a vibe they've based their whole album around, and it's one that Francis Kora reckons the world needs.

"It's a very unique New Zealand sound, it's an older sound, but at the same time I truly believe it's what's needed today.

"There's a lot of music, which - I'm not bagging it, but there's not a lot of truth in it..there's only so many times you can hear someone talk about shaking their butt, or the flash car that they're driving. So we really wanted to tell something that was truthful to us and the heartland of New Zealand."

The Modern Maori Quartet's album That's Us is out September 15, and will be followed by a nationwide tour with special guest Annie Crummer.

The tour kicks off in Hamilton on September 17 and ends in Whakatane on October 15. For all dates and locations, tickets and details, see

Jess and Ayva also posted an adorable reaction video to the clip which you can see here:

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