We're used to hearing of stars making outlandish demands of their hosts, whether it's champagne on ice or having the air-con at just the right temperature.

But it seems some celebrities have slightly simpler tastes, requiring nothing but manuka honey and dried fruit in their dressing rooms for sustenance.

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With Glastonbury in full swing, Femail can reveal the weird and wonderful backstage riders some of the festival's biggest performers have demanded - and they make for some very interesting reading.


Despite being a multimillionaire with a string of hits and sold-out tours under his belt, Brit star Ed Sheeran has the most modest of demands, asking for little more than a few cans of soft drinks and some manuka honey.

Meanwhile, chart-topping Katy Perry has a much healthier haul including dried fruit, pitta bread and edamame beans, if a leaked copy of her 2011 rider is anything to go by.

And with endless lists of bizarre demands from condoms to tequila, party poppers and "bright shiny apples", some of them may just surprise you.

Here are some of the weirdest and most fascinating riders.
Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj has some pretty simple requests: Spicy fried chicken wings, two space heaters, candles that smell like baked goods, three different flavours of chewing gum and a cheese platter.

Kanye West
The Smoking Gun nabbed a copy of Kanye West's rider, and the man is serious about skincare: He requests two tubes of Carmex lip balm, one bar of L'Occitane soap, a bottle of Neutrogena dandruff shampoo, Neutrogena face scrub and Nivea Intensive Moisturising Lotion.

Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey's riders request Cristal and bendy straws, as well as two air purifiers, an assistant to dispose of her gum, another assistant to help her on staircases and couches in dark colours with "no busy patterns." Carey also requests her room be at about 23 degrees, and filled with two dozen white roses and vanilla aromatherapy candles.

Lady Gaga requests lavender bath products. Photo / Getty Images
Lady Gaga requests lavender bath products. Photo / Getty Images


Cher reportedly requests an entire room just for her wigs. That sounds extravagant, but given their size, it's pretty practical.


If InTouch is to be believed, Madonna requests a 200-person entourage that includes personal chefs, yoga instructors, 30 bodyguards and an on-site dry cleaner for her costumes, as well as vegan food (even though Madge isn't vegan), 20 international phone lines and lilies and light pink or white roses cut to precisely 6 inches.

Jay Z
Jay Z requests that his transportation to and from venues be a black Maybach. He also requires two bottles of $300 champagne and two $200 bottles of 2004 Sassicaia wine.

Iggy Pop
Iggy Pop and the have a hilarious 28-page rider, which includes gems like a Bob Hope impersonator and "seven dwarfs, dressed up as those dwarfs out of that marvellous Walt Disney film about the woman who goes to sleep for a hundred years after biting a poisoned dwarf, or maybe pricking her finger on a rather sharp apple ... or something. Taller people are acceptable, of course. It's attitude, more than altitude, that's important here. Don't forget the pointy hats!"

Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson requests gummi bears and a "bald, toothless hooker." Yes you read that correctly.

Adele could demand the world if she wanted to, but instead she asks for Marlboro Lights, candy bars, European lager beer and sandwiches without tomatoes. Additionally, the songstress requires that anyone receiving free tickets to her shows donate a minimum of $20 to Sands, a UK-based charity - and there are no exceptions to that rule.

Coldplay doesn't have any crazy requests, but they do ask for postcards to send home to their kids from each city.

Britney Spears
Britney Spears used to be keen on comfort foods like fried chicken, Cheetos and Red Bull, but then she went on a health kick over the years and now bans junk food from her dressing room. One request that remains the same? A framed photo of Princess Diana.

Beyonce requests a dressing room that's the size of those normally used for an entire sports team, as well as heavily seasoned baked chicken.

Rihanna must have the munchies on tour: Her requests include Oreos, gummies lollies, Babybel cheese and Red Bull. She also requests non-leather couches big enough for her to stretch out on, as well as animal print pillows with no sequins and freshly cleaned carpeting so she can walk around barefoot.

The Foo Fighters have soup requests. Photo / Getty Images
The Foo Fighters have soup requests. Photo / Getty Images

Katy Perry

Katy Perry has a 45-page rider that requests two cream-coloured egg chairs, one with a co-ordinating ottoman, as well as a refrigerator with a glass door, ornate French lamps and someone to wash and cut her fruit and vegetables ... and no-one on staff is allowed to speak to her.

Foo Fighters
The Foo Fighters have simple, amusing requests in their tour rider, including vegetable soups, "because meaty soups make the roadies fart."

Eminem is a laid-back guy these days, which may explain why he requested a full koi pond recently.

Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney bans any and all animal products from his dressing room and tour transportation (including leather seats in limos). He even refuses faux fur or fake animal prints in his presence.

Mary J Blige
Mary J Blige demands a brand new toilet seat for every room she uses.

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande famously demands to only be shot from her left side.

Jennifer Lopez
For a brief cameo in a charity video, Jennifer Lopez requested white flowers (preferably roses or lilies), white chaise lounges, white chair covers, white candles, white drapes, white sheets and Cuban food.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber requests only simple items: herbal teas to keep his pipes in order, as well as Ritz Bits (both peanut butter and cheese), Swedish fish and assorted sizes of plain white T-shirts and low-rise socks. Oh, and also that no-one speak to him directly.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga's rider is weird because, well, it's Lady Gaga: In addition to a glam rock theme for her dressing room, Mother Monster requests all lavender bath products (both in scent and colour), as well as a mannequin with pink pubic hair.

Moby requests 10 pairs each of white cotton socks and white boxer shorts, allowing promoters to ensure he never has to buy his own underwear.