Wonder Woman has been widely praised as a great movie, and Gal Gadot has been lauded for her portrayal of the feminist heroine.

But the star of one of the biggest films of the year didn't really make all that much out of it.

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According to Decider, Gal Gadot made just $415,000 for her starring role as Wonder Woman.


In contrast, Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. managed to negotiate his pay day up to around $55 million for Captain America: Civil War, Decider reports.

And Superman Henry Cavill reportedly earned $19 million for his role in Man of Steel.

On the plus side, Gadot will be in line for the bonus actors get once their films pass certain box office milestones, which Wonder Woman's sure to do.

And it is - thankfully - the rule rather than the exception; this was Gadot's first exclusive Wonder Woman film and similarly, when Chris Evans first signed on to the first Captain America film he scored the same $415,000 pay day.

Wonder Woman has already made more than $690 million after three weeks in theatres.