Emotions are running high on Survivor New Zealand this week, with the well-liked Sala eliminated last night after an unexpected blindside.

Matai'a Salatielu Tiatia lost to Mike in last night's Redemption Island challenge of matching pairs, which prompted emotional responses across the tribe, particularly from Shay.

"It's not every day people pluck out an Otara-born Samoan out of Aotearoa and chuck him in Central America to try and hook up with some random Kiwis and try survive," Sala told his tribemates upon his elimination.

"I feel really blessed and I'm proud that I stuck to who I am. I said I was going to play this game with honour, and I feel like I did that."


Sala's elimination left Avi feeling shocked and angered at his fellow contestants, and prompted Shannon to emotionally question her deceit of her tribemates.

In last night's tribal council, Jak was voted to Redemption Island, where he will face Mike in the next challenge.

Sala is the eighth contestant eliminated from Survivor NZ, leaving eight contestants still in the running.