He's considered one of the nicest stars in Hollywood, but Tom Cruise lost his temper briefly on the set of The Mummy.

The mega star was livid when he found out that one of his co-star's was denied entry to the gym on the set of the action flick because Cruise was inside working out.

"He wanted me to work out with him and get in shape for the movie," actor Jake Johnson explained to Thrillist.

"Tom said, 'You'll be training with me and my trainers. If you want I'll put you on a food plan with my chef. The food is great'.


"He [also] said I could use his gym whenever I wanted. One day I got to work to work out and one of the [assistant directors] goes, 'You can't go in right now because Tom is working out.' I thought, 'That sucks, I got here an hour early to get this in, but he's Tom Cruise'."

Later in the day when the two actors were filming a scene together, Cruise asked Johnson why he hadn't done a workout that morning.

"I told him I was told not to bother him and he got really pissed," Johnson said.

"He said, 'Let me make something crystal clear: I don't care what anybody on the crew says to you, they don't know what I'm saying to you. And I'm saying to you that you are always welcome. I don't care what I'm doing in there. You're not other. You're my castmate. Come in'."

Jake Johnson plays Sergeant Chris Vail in The Mummy which has been panned by critics since it hit Aussie cinemas last week.