The sight of Sean Spicer zooming around New York on a motorised podium was once a thing of dreams.

But now that Melissa McCarthy has taken her impersonation of Sean Spicer out on the open road, it's reality.

The actress was spotted on Friday morning, dressed as the White House Press Secretary and driving a motorised podium through the streets of New York.

McCarthy was filming a sketch for this weekend's episode of Saturday Night Live, which she is also hosting.


It's fair to say the comedy show which airs weekly in the United States, has plenty of options when it comes to satirical content, given the newsworthy activities of the country's governing body.

McCarthy hinted at the sketch herself, sharing a Boomerang of herself grimacing as Spicer with the caption, "Straight out da bushes @nbcsnl #snllivecoasttocoast #snl."

Straight out da bushes @nbcsnl #snllivecoasttocoast #snl

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McCarthy's impression of Spicer is a fan favourite, possibly rivalled only by the much loved Trump played by Alec Baldwin.