From sex stories to delving into his porn addiction, James Roque's show is not for the faint hearted.

Set in The Vault (a small theatre with only 30 seats) makes for an uncomfortable setting, which we soon learn is a common theme for his show - using laughter to ease the tension.

James Roque Wants to Show You Something is more than just your typical stand up show, combining comedy with visuals, dancing and drama. His show also ends up telling a story that has a lot of unexpected twist and turns, which will ultimately blow your mind.

Roque's banter starts off covering race, religion and sex but he soon opens up about his porn addiction. At this point, I was sitting on my seat thinking "should I be laughing about this?" while actually laughing out loud.

Roque loves an anecdote and enjoys sharing them in explicit detail, which at times left the audience cringing. Listening to someone describe - in graphic detail - their first foray into masturbation is not everyone's idea of a good night out.


At times, you may get a little lost, but ultimately the punch lines make it worth the wait.

As for what James Roque wants to show you, all I can say that is it's a real tear jerker...

Who: James Roque
Where: Vault at Q Theatre
When: Until May 13