Newstalk ZB's Steph Rowe discusses the latest installment of The Bachelor.

Well. For those of you who thought intruder Sarah was going to win the heart of Zac, I'm here to say the following:

Shame. I was right.

Sarah tapped out saying she wasn't ready for a relationship or something weak like that. I'm no expert but perhaps Family Feud would have been a better show to audition for if you weren't the relationship type Sarah?

Sarah says her goodbyes after deciding to leave The Bachelor NZ. Photo / Three
Sarah says her goodbyes after deciding to leave The Bachelor NZ. Photo / Three

For those who disagree with me, let me ask you this: would you marry someone who was deathly afraid of fish if your job was all about swimming in a salty ocean full of fish? Yeah, Nah. I don't even know what the equivalent would be for me. Someone who was afraid of social media and the internet? What a riot that would be. Anyway, it was never meant to be with Sarah. You Sarah fans just need to move on and realise Lily and Viarni are the true MVPs of the show.


Zac took Lily on a single date on a boat or as Lily called it, a bunch of 'floating sticks'. The pair were a little too heavy for the floating sticks and were almost waist deep in water the entire time. Basically we had the Thai/Kiwi version of the door scene from the Titanic. Both Zac and Lily were in the water and neither wanted to sacrifice themselves for the other to stay dry. If only James Cameron had cast Kiwis in his film. Maybe both Jack and Rose could have lived?

Then it was time to dry off and eat some food on some very comfortable looking rocks. Lily seductively licked a spoon and made some very strong eye contact while doing so. Kiwi flirting at its finest. Try this one on your next Tinder date and let me know how you go.

Sneaky snake Zac got his ins and bagged a couple of kisses from different females before the rose ceremony. I don't think Claudia cared she had probably taken on some of Viarni's saliva, she's in this game for the long haul people.

Overall a disappointingly drama-free episode I thought. Bring on the family meet and greets where Zac will call all the women 'girls' (does this drive anyone else insane?!) and probably make a right fool of himself.

• Steph Rowe is the social media editor for Newstalk ZB.