A book describing the torture and murder of Kim Kardashian West is to be turned into a Hollywood movie.

The 36-year-old beauty - who was robbed at gunpoint in Paris, France, in October 2016 - and her world-famous family are the focus of a new book by author John Jetsyn Tache, which is to be turned into a Hollywood blockbuster.

The 56-year-old writer - who has penned the book in revenge for the Kardashians "ruining" TV - said: "There are people in Hollywood who are livid at what has happened to the industry thanks to reality TV.

"The Kardashians are killing the dramas, so they need to be killed."


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The book imagines the brutal torture and murder of the entire Kardashian family after they're hunted down by a murderer wearing a Taylor Swift mask.

It's been blasted by people for its insensitivity to Kim's robbery but John, who has described the book as a work of "satire", insisted he wrote the plot six months prior to Kim being robbed in Paris.

Photo / Smashwords.com
Photo / Smashwords.com

Consequently, the author doesn't see his work as being insensitive to Kim, who has a three-year-old daughter called North and a 16-month-old son called Saint with her husband Kanye West.

John told the Daily Star newspaper: "Do I feel bad for Kim that she has to relive the hostage scenario in the book? Of course not."

Earlier this month, Kim revealed she wanted to "disappear" from the spotlight after being robbed in Paris.

The TV personality has battled anxiety since being robbed at gunpoint in the French capital, and Kim admitted her fragile state of mind even led her to prematurely leave one of her husband's gigs.

Speaking on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, she explained: "I just want to disappear for a little bit. I have to do what makes me feel comfortable."

Kim has also said she was keen to be open about the robbery in Paris, because it was one of her "most life-changing experiences".