Lorde promised "surprises" during yesterday's Coachella performance and her biggest came in a new song that's received rave reviews.

In the middle of a set packed with old songs like Ribs, Tennis Court and Team, as well as recent singles Green Light and Liability, came a new song.

And many say it wasn't just the highlight of her show - it might be her best song yet.

The song is called Homemade Dynamite, has an upbeat, clubby vibe, and includes the lines: "So let's let things come out of the woodwork / I'll give you my best side, tell you all my best lies."


The chorus goes: "I'm blowing shit up with homemade dynamite."

Rolling Stone quickly praised Lorde's new material as one of the 25 best things it saw at the festival and said Homemade Dynamite could rival her biggest hit Royals.

"[It] bounced with breathless confidence, powered by attitude and pop hooks," said the publication.

MTV simply called it "explosive".

"If Melodrama is all about a single party, Homemade Dynamite sounds like the part when you meet someone and the sparks just don't stop flying," it wrote.

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Lorde was due to perform the song at her small showcase the night before her Coachella show, but it was reportedly crossed off her setlist at the last minute.

Lorde has promised her next song is "my favourite thing I've ever done".

Judging by the reaction to Homemade Dynamite it might just be it.

Her second album Melodrama is due for release on June 16. So far, the new songs she's released or played live include Green Light, Liability, Sober and Homemade Dynamite.

Lorde's Coachella setlist

Tennis Court
400 Lux
Buzzcut Season
Homemade Dynamite
Green Light