Sophie Monk isn't known for holding back, but she got more than she bargained for when Tom Gleeson roasted her.

The comedian left no stone unturned during his "Hard Chat" segment on the Australian TV satirical comedy show The Weekly With Charlie Pickering.

He asked the 37-year-old about her early days as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator, her radio segments with Kyle and Jackie O, her first (and only) solo album, Calendar Girl - and everything in between.

Even Monk agreed that Gleeson "smashed me".


Here are some of the best zingers.

Gleeson: "You're an actor, singer, model, radio presenter, brand ambassador. When you are at the airport, under immigration, do you write 'trying to be famous?'"

Monk: "I actually have written 'celebrity' once. But I just put 'entertainer', which usually they think (means) I'm a stripper."

Gleeson: "You started out as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator. She died when she was 36. You're 37. Is that why your career died a year ago?"

Monk: "It's doing better than it was a few years ago. That was sad. You know when you hit (gestures downward), and then you go down and up. So I'm trying to get lots of free stuff at the moment in case I lose it again."

Gleeson: "You were discovered through one of the very first reality shows, Pop Stars. Do you wish you waited until a reality show came up that people actually remember?"

Monk: "Yeah, I guess I wish I was in one now. A cooler one."

Gleeson: "What one would you prefer?"


Monk: "Bachelorette. (I'm) very single."

Gleeson: "Do they have Celebrity Bachelorette?"

Monk: "No they don't, but I could be the first."

Gleeson: "Yeah or you could just wait until your career slid a bit further and you became obscure. People would just think you were a regular person and you could go back on it again."


"Would you ever be part of a Bardot reunion?"

Monk: "I'd love to, but it's hard work."

Gleeson: "Yeah, you'd have to drive past Centrelink to pick them (band mates) up I think."

Gleeson: "In 2003, you released your first and only solo album, Calendar Girl. What did you do with the money from the copy you sold?"

Monk: "Actually I bought 5000 copies myself because no one was buying it. It wasn't a great song was it?"


"You work a lot in radio. You work with Kyle and Jackie O. Why?"

Monk: "Because they're legends. Look at all their listeners. People just love them." (Gleeson looks askance and sighs).

Gleeson: "You campaigned with PETA to stop cruelty to animals. Was that by getting animals to not listen to Kyle and Jackie O? I've heard their show. It could kill a cat."

Monk: "You don't like pop culture though, do you? You like more smart things, like the news.

Gleeson: "Yes, I like the news."

Monk: "I don't like learning, really."

Gleeson: "Oh, that's why you like Kyle and Jackie O."

Monk: "The more you know, the more depressed you are. I'm not coming off super smart, am I?"

Gleeson: "Yeah, it's almost as if you're not."

Monk: "People think I'm smart. But a teacher at school actually said I had a very high IQ and went and checked it. A few days later I asked her what my IQ was and she said, no it was low. Am I giving you the right shit?"

Gleeson: "You are giving me great shit."

Gleeson: "Last year you were on the eighth season of Australia's Got Talent, which was also the final season. Coincidence? Did you drive that franchise into the ground?"

Monk: "I don't know about that. But I'm starting to think I don't make things No.1, do I? (awkward silence). This is like a therapy session."

Gleeson: "I have a feeling this segment won't come back after you."