Kendall Jenner is the new face of Pepsi - and people aren't happy.

Pepsi today debuted their latest ad campaign, which shows the Kardashian family member abandoning her modelling assignment to join a passing protest - then sharing a Pepsi with one of the policemen the protesters are rallying against.

The ad shows a blonde Jenner posing for a photoshoot when she notices a passing protest - its members waving vague, non-threatening signs like 'Join the conversation.'

One handsome musician gives her a knowing nod, and with that, Jenner walks off her modelling job, ripping off her blonde wig and shoving it in the face of the woman running the photoshoot.


Next Jenner's in the thick of the 'protest', where gay, black, Muslim and transgender people mingle happily as a line of stern policemen look on.

Jenner breaks out of the crowd to approach one cop, an ice-cold Pepsi in her hand.

She passes it to him. He takes a sip. He smiles.

Jenner then rejoins the crowd, where her fellow protesters are now rejoicing because Kendall Jenner just created world peace I guess?

The backlash has been swift and immediate, with some on social media labelling it the worst ad they've ever seen.

There's no doubt about it: This is a very bad ad, and people are pissed that Pepsi seems to suggest the ongoing and very real public outrage over US police brutality could be quelled by everyone enjoying a nice can of fizz.

There's even an extended, two-and-a-half minute version, if you can stomach it: