Getting saved from a burning building by Hugh Jackman might sound like a fantasy dreamed up by fans, but for Zac Efron it was a very serious reality.

Efron revealed that Jackman rescued him from a real-life burning building on the set of their upcoming film The Greatest Showman, but he thought it was all part of the show until afterwards, the Daily Mail reports.

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The High School Musical star told MTV the scripted scene turned to reality when the pyrotechnics overheated.


"We burst out of the building. It looked great on camera. We didn't know it [at the time], but it was pretty intense," Efron said.

"I watched playback, and he saved me from a burning building. It later exploded that night. It was a set, but it later burned down."

Fresh from filming his critically lauded final entry into the Wolverine series, 48-year-old Jackman has clearly maintained his trademark sprightliness on-set of The Greatest Showman, a musical film he's currently shooting with Efron.

The pair have looked like best pals ever since filming began, regularly featured on each other's Instagram accounts.

Efron fully understands the blessing that is being saved from a very real, very burning building by the Logan heartthrob.

"Hugh Jackman saving you from a burning building? It's every girl's dream!" He joked to the publication.

The film tells the story of renowned American showman P.T Barnum, with the Aussie icon playing the lead role as the title character.

Meanwhile, the Australian's pseudo protege Efron has been juggling high-profile projects, currently working on the revival of campy beach classic Baywatch.

The star plays Olympian Matt Brody who joins the motley crew of lifesavers after tarnishing his gold medal reputation.

The summer flick also promises surprise appearances from Baywatch veterans Pam Anderson and David Hassellhof. (Both stars are listed on the film's IMDB page, but without confirmed characters.)

Baywatch is set to hit theaters on June 1st.