If you've ever wanted to hear a hilarious ode to chocolate, Lorde has delivered an early Easter treat.

Lorde sang an impromptu remix of Green Light during her interview on BBC's Radio 1 to honour her love of Creme Eggs.

The singer had posted on social media about her love for the Cadbury treat, and told Radio 1's Breakfast show she "was excited to come to the UK and snack on a little Creme Egg."

Host Nick Grimshaw then said he had rewritten Green Light to reflect her love of Creme Eggs, and asked Lorde to sing it with him on the spot.


"Since you like Creme Eggs so much, and we like Green Light so much, I thought I'd do you a trade off, basically," said Grimshaw.

"We basically combined two of our favourite things in March; Green Light and also Crème Eggs."

Grimshaw's version altered the song's main hook to: "I'm waiting for it, that Creme Egg, I want it".

we in london and i got my creme egg beeetch 🎀

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Lorde's second album Melodrama is released on June 16.