At a free concert in Aotea Square next Saturday evening Jordan Luck will sing in a new era for Auckland's CBD.

"It's going to be absolutely transformational for this end of Aotea Square," reckons John Love, a developer with an ambitious vision and a long love for Luck's music with the Exponents.

"I grew up with them when I was at uni. They're an iconic Kiwi band," he says. "Ricky Ball from Hello Sailor's going to come and play a couple of songs as well. He's going to make a guest appearance."

Love also hints that another iconic Kiwi singer may also be joining the bill, although as it's not yet 100 per cent confirmed he can't publically name any names.


"Jordan's trying to get him to come and play a couple of songs as well which will be amazing," Love enthuses.

Love promises a fun, family evening's worth of entertainment. There will be food trucks to grab a bite from and The Jordan Luck Band will be kicking off around 5:15pm.

It all sounds great, but does beg the question of why a property developer putting on a free family show?

"We're doing things differently to other developers," Love says. "We're saying this is an arts and cultural precinct and we're not going to sit back and expect that to happen by itself."

The vision of Love and Co., the company he runs with his wife Josephine, is to turn the land and building recently vacated by the Council into an area bustling with life.

To that end they're building a luxury apartment complex, a 4-5 star hotel, an art gallery and an area with bars, restaurants and cafes that sits between the Town Hall on its left and the Aotea Center on its right.

"It's going to absolutely change the way this end of town feels and operates. It's going to create a nucleus of activity. We want to create a social environment."

It'd be easy to dismiss this as developer sales pitch but Love has an obvious enthusiasm for next Saturday's gig and talks excitedly about creating a new cultural hub for the city.

And there's the fact he's already put his money where his mouth is. As well as the Luck gig, he lit up the building for Pride week and had dancers performing and has also held a Pink Ribbon breakfast.

"It's all about getting people down here," he says. "We're going to make sure that even when the project's finished in 2019-2020 the area is vibrant and alive so we're going to keep doing these events."