Adele concertgoers got a drenching last night as a weather bomb hit Auckland.

The torrential rain started as the singer's third and final New Zealand show kicked off.

Adele laughed about being caught in the rain and addressed the crowd "You poor things," she said. "It's really raining isn't it."

She also expressed concern about the weather affecting her stage setup. "Who wants to make a bet with me I'll fall over at some stage ... or get electrocuted by my microphone."


She ventured onto the stage's circular platform as helpers squeegeed the walkway for her. She dried her hair with a towel and admitted she was swallowing water.

WeatherWatch's Philip Duncan said the stadium's ban on umbrellas was probably a good thing, as possible thunderstorms were also forecast.

As the rain pelted Mt Smart Stadium Adele delivered a not perfect version of Skyfall, her James Bond theme song complete with an all male choir.

More than 40,000 people packed into the stadium. Fans were expecting something special after Saturday night's concert included a surprise Maori cultural performance, with a kapa haka group performing a waiata and the Ka Mate haka after her opening song, Hello.

The first two of the much-hyped shows proved the British singer is also a comedian, talking about Auckland's "shit" weather and joking it took her seven hours to get to the concert in the city's traffic.

The bad weather was expected to continue overnight before clearing this afternoon for Auckland.