A wheelchair user allegedly tricked into buying Adele tickets for seats she could not access was able to enjoy last night's show.

Maiz Marshall-Amai bought tickets to Thursday night's Adele concert from website Viagogo but discovered just days ago they were not for the accessible seats she paid extra for.

Marshall-Amai and her friend Letitia Butler went to the show although they were unsure if they would be able to access the seats listed on their tickets, or even get in.

Butler said they were still able to enter the venue and received assistance from staff once inside.


"A wonderful lady called Nicola helped us get to our seats. We had a beautiful view and we could enjoy the show."

Butler posted a video on Facebook asking Adele for help earlier this week, which was shared 700 times.

Concert promoter Live Nation had warned concert-goers that tickets purchased through Viagogo and other resale sites may not allow them into the concert.

"Tickets purchased via onseller sites such as Viagogo, Ticketblaster, Queen of Tickets or E-Bay may not gain entry into the event," Live Nation said in a statement to Newshub.

Marshall-Amai paid A$1252 ($1361) for wheelchair-accessible seats through the Viagogo website, but received $204.50 tickets for seats that were not accessible.

She bought the tickets as a gift for Butler, who is a big Adele fan.

Butler said Viagogo had not adequately addressed their complaints about the tickets they received.

"They haven't done anything."

The company's initial response was to suggest they resell the tickets through their website on the day of the concert, she said.

Butler said she had not received another response despite sending at lease six more messages.

"I got an email yesterday saying 'I hope you really enjoy tonight's show'. It was one of those automated ones."

The pair did enjoy the show despite the issues with Viagogo, Butler said.

"It was the best night ever. We're still buzzing about it."

They have not given up on getting a refund from the company, despite the difficulties.

"We still have a fight on our hands there," Butler said.

Viagogo has been contacted for comment but has not yet responded.