An extended trailer for the Love Actually sequel being put together for Red Nose Day has been released, joking about who in the cast has aged most gracefully.

Paying comical homage to the famous "To me, you are perfect" cue-card sequence from the original 2003 movie, reuniting cast members including Keira Knightley, Andrew Lincoln, Hugh Grant, Rowan Atkinson, Lucia Moniz and Liam Neeson playfully flick through signs posing the question of who has aged best.

Neeson insists it's him, while Grant's card reads: "It's not Colin Firth".

Thomas Sangster, who played lovelorn schoolkid Sam and was just 12 years old when Love Actually was filmed, lashes up a card mocking himself over how different he looks at 26.


"Whatever," his cue card reads. "I've grown up."

"So have I," says the cue card of Olivia Olsen, who played his schoolyard crush, Joanna.

Is that you Sam? Thomas Sangster is a long way from that lovelorn schoolkid.
Is that you Sam? Thomas Sangster is a long way from that lovelorn schoolkid.

Bill Nighy is as cheeky as ever, acknowledging in his card his character Billy Mack hasn't grown up a bit.

Absent from the trailer, which promotes the ten-minute Love Actually "sequel" for Red Nose Day, showing what the original characters are doing 14 years after the movie was released, is actress Emma Thompson.

She doesn't appear in the comedy remake due to the death of Alan Rickman - who played her on-screen husband in the original - last year.

Thompson said it was "too sad, too soon" for her to take part in the Comic Relief sequel, agreeing with producers that it wouldn't feel right without him.

The Love Actually Red Nose Day spin-off, Red Nose Day, Actually, will air on the BBC on March 25.