A contestant on The Voice UK forgot the lyrics to Lorde's Royals in a tense live performance that saw her eliminated from the show.

Sixteen-year-old Sarah Morgan forgot the lyrics to Lorde's hit single, looking out at the audience in a moment of panic before continuing.

The brave star managed to finish the song and was reassured by judge Gavin Rossdale, who told her: "It doesn't go right all the time for all of us, but stay happy because you recovered perfect, you sounded great on the song.

"Nothing matters," he told the young star. "If things don't go right all the time, it doesn't matter. You recovered well. Be happy."


But it wasn't enough to keep the youngster in the competition.

Accepting her elimination gracefully, she told the coaches: "It was a really good performance and I enjoyed it, I did my best."

When host Emma Willis asked Morgan how she felt, the star had clearly taken on Rossdale's words.

"Obviously I've done my best," she told the host.

Royals spent nine weeks on top of the Billboard charts in the US, turning the Devonport teen into a bonafide pop phenomenon.