The producer of the iconic New Zealand series Footrot Flats, has shared a tribute to its late creator, Murray Ball.

John Barnett spoke fondly of Ball, who passed away on Sunday, saying the cartoonist was "generous and modest".

"Murray Ball entertained New Zealanders and Australians for nearly 50 years. The characters he created brought pleasure and amusement to both rural and urban audiences of all ages," Barnett said.

"All of his characters had elements of Murray in them. He reached more New Zealanders than nearly any other commentator, cartoonist and humorist but he didn't seek the limelight. He let those wonderful characters speak for him.


"And they continue to live on and entertain new generations. He is deeply missed by his family, his friends and all those who enjoyed Footrot Flats."

As a tribute to Ball, there will be a screening of Footrot Flats - A Dog's Tale on Three, this Saturday (March 18) at 7pm.