The first trailer for the hotly anticipated Love Actually sequel is finally here - and it features one very familiar scene.

Andrew Lincoln, just one of the many original cast members reuniting for the charity-driven Red Nose Day Actually, appears on screen with his famous handwritten sheets of cardboard, urging people to tune in when it's released on March 24.

To refresh your memory, Lincoln played the hapless Mark, who was desperately in love with his best friend's wife Juliet (Keira Knightley.) He even made a grand romantic - albeit a little creepy - gesture, where he turned up on her doorstep and declared his love for her on handwritten poster boards.

It's unclear how the story between those two will play out, but thanks to some tweets from script writer Emma Freud, we do know that David (Hugh Grant) and Natalie (Martine McCutcheon) are married in the updated version.


Freud shared some behind the scenes snaps from a press conference scene showing David (who may or may not still be the British Prime Minster) addressing journalists, with Natalie watching on from the sidelines.

Freud earlier shared a photo of Rowan Atkinson filming a scene as store assistant, Rufus, while early pictures from the set also show Liam Neeson's character Daniel hugging his stepson Sam (Thomas Brodie-Sangster), suggesting the two are still close.