Actor Will Smith has been dreaming of this moment for 20 years.

Whilst recently in Africa he has been able to fulfil his dream.

According to NME the star filmed himself bungy jumping during a visit to the iconic Victoria waterfalls on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia.

In footage shot during his jump, the Men in Black star revealed it had been a dream of his to take the plunge.


"This is going to be a cool shot," Smith says to the camera as he takes the jump.

"This is crazy, bungy jumping Victoria Falls, I've been wanting to do this for like almost 20 years."

Smith then jokes: "I've got high blood pressure, though, so they need to come get me from being upside down."

The actor then describes the jump as "fantastic".

Next time, he needs to take a trip down under and check out the bungy jumps we have to offer in New Zealand.