Benji Marshall and wife Zoe talk about their marriage on their new radio show.

They're going to hit the airwaves with their very own radio show called Meet The Marshalls.

And Zoe and Benji Marshall have given a taste of what's to come on their new radio show to Nova 106.9's Ash, Kip & Luttsy with Susie O'Neill show, on Saturday.

"It's kind of like a voyeuristic look into our very unconventional marriage because we do things in a way that society often judges as being weird or wrong," the WAG told the panel.

The couple is promising to be open about their personal lives on the air after having spent eight years together.


Zoe, who describes herself as very alternative and open minded, said the show has been years in the making and that they will be open and honest about their relationship.

One of the more intimate details she shared last year on NOVA's Fitzy and Wippa show, was the fact they sleep in separate bedrooms because her athlete husband suffers from sleep apnea, which causes snoring.

Zoe said that being open, especially for her radio show, is natural for her.

"Although it can get you into trouble all the time for different reasons - but, for Benji, the fact we're doing this show is completely Twilight Zone, this is him opening Pandora's box," the brunette beauty said in a report by The Daily Telegraph.

"I think [Benji] is worried about what his mates would say, but the more he says that the more I want to make it happen - don't challenge me to make your footy mates give you a ribbing every day," Zoe said jokingly added.

Meanwhile, Benji said he is excited to do the show and show people another side of him, a side that he said might surprise people - describing himself as not the average footballer.

"I've met a lot of guys, for example on the Broncos, and they're like 'wow, you're way different to what I thought you were going to be like - you're chilled out and normal'," he said.

Benji and Zoe, who have moved to the Sunshine for his work with the Brisbane Broncos think their strong and often opposing opinions will divide listeners.