Imagine struggling to find the perfect partner - only to be greeted with eight attractive doppelgangers who all meet your exact criteria.

That's exactly the premise of a new UK dating show Game of Clones, which gives one singleton the chance to specify their ideal mate's physical traits - including everything from hair style, height and build to eye colour, the Daily Mail reports.

They are then presented with the "clones" - who meet every detail to perfection - before living with and dating them for a week before picking their favourite.

Game of Clones takes dating to the next level as the participants are given access to the latest avatar-building technology to virtually create their perfect partner.

Game of Clones Trailer

Well this is exciting! Game of Clones trailer has landed. Watch out for it weekdays, 7:30pm on E4 from the 27th of Feb

Posted by Game of Clones on Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The series, which began screening this week in the UK, will see the dater living with the eight suitors - all while setting them challenges designed to reveal their true characters. One by one they'll then dump the suitors that don't make the grade.

The first episode kicked off with 23-year-old Charlotte, who designed the man of her dreams. She wanted a mixed-race man with a quirky dress sense, toned body and a pert posterior - and was greeted by eight men matching that description.

Next week will see 24-year-old Essex man George digitally design his ideal woman - long blonde hair and slim - but he warns she better make a good first impression because he will dump the one whose personality doesn't match their perfect looks.

A virtual avatar compared with a
A virtual avatar compared with a "clone" fitting the description. Photos / E4.

If things go well, the clones could earn some precious one-on-one time with the singleton in the Love Mobile, the car that takes them back to the house.

But a dating disaster could land them in the nerve-racking Dumping Room, where they must plead for their place.

Each night a clone is dumped and after a week of emotions, tensions and twists, the singleton is left with their final three and must decide who is their "one and clonely".

David Flynn, co-founder of youngest Media, says: "It sounds like any singleton's dream, to create your perfect partner in avatar form and then get to live with ten of them.

"However with looks out of the equation our singleton will have to work hard to uncover the personality they're most attracted to. It's a whole new twist on the dating show genre."