Adele has slammed Australian media after they sent helicopters to film her rehearsal on Monday and ruined her "surprise".

"I know I've never been [to Australia], and maybe there was no big news yesterday, but they annoyed me," she told the record audience of 65,000 people in Perth on Tuesday night.

"They revealed my dress and everything. I wanted it to be a surprise for you!"

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That said, perhaps the superstar underestimates what big news she is.

The down-to-earth singer/songwriter appeared genuinely overwhelmed by the loud cheers throughout the show, welling up at one point and telling the crowd she would never forget the moment.

"I had no idea it was going to be this beautiful. Forgive my sweaty face, I'm very hot and nervous," she admitted.

During her Australian and New Zealand tour, Adele is performing stadium concerts in a 360-degree production designed to make the huge show feel intimate.

She performed for two hours in Perth, belting out hits like Rumour Has It, Skyfall, and Hello, supported only by a band without the need for back-up dancers or wardrobe changes.

The pop powerhouse broke records here in New Zealand, selling out three massive Mt Smart Stadium shows in record time.

She'll perform in Auckland on March 23, 25 and 26.